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6:00 AMTilawat
7:00 AMMann Mar Jaye Na-(R)
8:00 AMKyun Mili Yeh Saza-(R)
9:00 AM Mujhay Bhi Khuda Na Banaya Hai-(R)
10:00 AM Aunn Zara-(R)
11:00 AMKyun Mili Yeh Saza-(R)
12:00 PMMann Mar Jaye Na-(R)
1:00 PMMujhay Bhi Khuda Na Banaya Hai-(R)
2:00 PMJaan'Nisaar-(R)
3:00 PMGohar-e-Nayab-(R)
6:00 PMAunn Zara-(R)
7:00 PMKambakht Tanno
7:30 PMKaun Karta Hai waf
8:10 PMKaisi Khushi Le Ke Aya Chand
9:10 PMPiya Be Dardi
9:40 PMSakeena
10:10 PMGohar-e-Nayab
11:00 PMKaisi Khushi Le Ke Aya Chand-(R)
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